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Ashley Calzada

Sales Agent

It’s a lipstick, not a mortgage” Ashley Calzada started her career helping clients find the “perfect” lipstick. She finally decided to retire from the retail cosmetics industry to help clients make an even more important decision, finding the perfect real estate property. “Choosing an apartment, home, or commercial property is a life changing decision, an investment that should be well planned out for and there’s no shame in being selective.

I joined M. Celata Real Estate knowing that I’d have the training and  ability to meet and help people. When she’s not out on a showing or on Mommy duty you can catch Ashley tapping into her artistic abilities, finding the beauty and potential in everything her hands touch; perfecting women for special events teaching a basic makeup class, drawing, painting, or refinishing and repurposing furniture.

With over 14 years in client service and sales Ashley has the patience and drive to assist you in finding the perfect property to suit your needs. Contact Ashley @ 617-840-0574


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