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Danielle Lozzi

Sales Agent

With more than 20 years administrative experience, Danielle has been a top executive assistant for two multi-billion dollar companies starting at the national retail chain and then to the leading healthcare insurance company in Massachusetts.
Personal goal setting is important to Danielle and she has accomplished much of what she set out to do.  First one was to own her own home which was purchased in 2007.  Together she and her beau have been able to rehab it from top to bottom, a total labor or love!
After a long hiatus from school, Danielle went back to college and graduated in May 2014 with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts with a Specialization in Child Fitness and Health from Lesley University.
Goal oriented and not afraid to take on something new, Danielle recently got her real estate license in May of 2015.
Her work ethics speak for themselves.  Earning a black belt in Karate indicates her commitment, dedication, focus as well as discipline. Hardworking, trustworthy and persistence is just the tip of the iceberg.  Integrity is one of the utmost importance to Danielle  and she is proud to join the M. Celata Real Estate family knowing everyone shares the same principles.
So if you would like the assistance of a hardworking individual to either sell or buy a home, Danielle is your gal.  Please contact her at 617-285-0667.


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