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M.Celata Real Estate Agent Profile 

Gerald Abbey

Sales Agent

Gerry Abbey brings years of home buying, rehabbing and selling experience to the M . Celata Real Estate team. As a homeowner and landlord in East Boston and former homeowner and landlord in South Boston he has shown a clear ability to identify and follow housing trends ahead of the general market.

His past career experience as an integral part of his family’s plumbing and heating business, and his present work with expatriate relocation and global housing data analysis help to give him a unique understanding of value – real and potential – as Boston, Cambridge and all their surrounding neighborhoods undergo steady changes in this fast moving market.

Gerry has a passion for real estate and investment that are matched with an intense work ethic that he would like to put in action for you. Contact him today to turn your real estate dreams into a reality.

You can reach Gerry at any time on his cell , 617-230-1056 or by email geraldabbey@gmail.com to get started on your future today!


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