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To bother or not to bother your real estate agent

Jun 29, 2019 | M.Celata Real Estate Blog Post

“I wish I had called you before, but I just didn’t want to bother you.  I know you’re busy.”

Real estate agents hear this all the time:

Most consumers do not understand how a real estate agent earns their commission.  The agent must be involved with setting up the appointments, showing the property, writing an offer, presenting the offer, keeping tracked of the process once the offer has been accepted, keeping an eye on the financial process and much, much more.

If the consumer goes to an open house without at least advising their agent, the agent could lose the deal in a process called “procuring cause”.  That means the agent on duty can claim you as their client since your agent wasn’t present or didn’t notify the agent you were going to attend.  Sometimes an agent will service a client for several months before the perfect home is found.  All that time was for not!!!  There is a saving grace though.  It is called “Buyer Agency Agreement”.  This is a contractual document that clearly state to all concern your agent represents your interest in all cases.

You want to know how much your home is worth.  Maybe you are thinking about selling or maybe want to get a feel for your net worth.  So why “bother” your agent when you can go onto the internet?

To begin with, the information you find on the internet is highly inaccurate.  The values are based on data and algorithms and not the location, condition, size and amenities just to name a few items not considered.  If you base your future hopes, dreams and decisions off inaccurate values, that can hurt you quite a bit.

Again, asking the agent you know to do an analysis and give you a true market value,  is not a bother.

Are you considering home improvements?

While real estate agents are not in the trades to help with the ins and outs of a project or the cost, your agent can advise if a project   you might choose could be a financial benefit for a future sale.  Most home owners will improve a house for their needs not for future sales value.

Your real estate agent knows where you get the biggest bang for your buck when remodeling.

That’s three examples.  There are certainly more.  But you get the point…so reach out to your agent before you do anything real estate related. Just trust it isn’t a “bother”.

If you do not have a real estate agent assisting you with your real estate needs, contact M. Celata Real Estate for assistance.

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