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Why commissions vary from company to company!

Aug 10, 2019 | Selling A Home In Greater Boston

As home Sellers you may not realize the commission to sell your home is a negotiable item. But, be wary of the lowest commissions quoted because you do “get what you pay for” or do you?

  • That 1% quoted commissions is not true. This is a come on for uneducated sellers. Ask that agency about the hidden charges.
  • If as a seller you realize there are two sides to a selling transaction, the Buyer/Seller and each have representation, who will be paying the commission and how much is there to split?
  • Most real estate agents earn commission and are not salaried so why would an agent sell your home if you are not offering to pay them to bring the Buyer to the table?
  • Real estate agents duties are many and so are the liabilities. The task of selling a home is difficult. How effective will an agent be for the negotiation of your sale if they negotiated their own income down to 3 or 4%?
  • Agents who charge a 5 or 6% commission know what their worth is to a Seller. It quickly becomes obvious to the Seller that they chose the wrong agent solely on commissions charged.

This is just a bit of insight on how to choose a Real Estate Agent and what an Agency will charge you!  Reach out to M. Celata Real Estate if you would like more information on how to sell your home with an Agency that is transparent.  Contact info: Mcelatarealestate.com or 781-289-7500. Ask for Maureen

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