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Senad Resic

Sales Agent

Senad recently joined M. Celata Real Estate after taking the pre-licensing class at Celata Real Estate Academy and by passing the State examination is now able to practice Real Estate.
Senad is originally from Bosnia-Hercegovina moved to  Germany until he was 12 years old, then came to live in the United States where he presently resides in Revere with his family.
Senad received his degree in finance from the University of Massachuseets in Boston in 2009 and works as an accounts payable analyst for an online retailer in Boston.
 It is pleasure for M. Celata Real Estate to welcome Senad as our newest members because of his laguage skills and his enthusiam he brings with him.
If  you have a need for a Bosnian, a German speaking real estate agent to help you find or sell a home, please contact Senad at

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