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Sonja Moskal

Sales Agent

A native of the Antwerp area of Belgium, I bring to my Real Estate clients the benefit of being “a people person.”  I delight in helping clients enjoy the search for their home which I feel is “the most important decision” in life.

As an immigrant to America, from over thirty years ago, I settled in America and lived in Winthrop with my husband and two daughters.  I worked for an internet sales company where my job included the need for attentive customer service. 
I take personal pride and pleasure in decorating and enjoying my home. I appreciate and love the surrounding of a lovely home. this led me to my decision to mix my love of home and love of people by seeking a career in Real Estate sales. 
Licensed in 2015, I joined M.Celata Real Estate and I would love to help my clients search for a home that offers them a place where they can enjoy the charm of their surrounding with the warmth of comfort and find an escape from their daily stresses. 
I feel that proper “staging” of a home puts forth the highlights and hidden features of the property; I plan to strengthen my abilities to help my clients by earning a certification in the art of “home staging”.  
You can count on my promise to provide you as my selective customers with outstanding concern and care as well as an unforgettable experience in seeking to buy, sell or rent your home. 
You can contact me at 857-222-7471


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