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Purchasing a Home Loan

Aug 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

Purchasing a home loan!!!

Home loans are at their lowest levels since 2007. As of August 16, 2019 the following chart will give you an idea of what it will cost to finance a home loan. Of course rates change daily and it is a good idea to speak to a lender for your needs.

30-Year Fixed Rate                       3.625% – 3.748%
30-Year Fixed-Rate VA              3.250% – 3.540%
20-Year Fixed Rate                       3.625% – 3.782%
15-Year Fixed Rate                       3.125% – 3.306%
7/1 ARM                                             3.250% – 3.881%
5/1 ARM                                             3.250% – 3.994%

Because rates are so low, more of a house can be purchased, but that is not to say you should spend every penny you are qualified for. If the time is right for you to purchase a home rather than pay someone else’s mortgage, contact an agent from M. Celata Real Estate to help you go thru the buying process.

The agents are very well versed with this process and they can represent your interests. That means they will help you buy the most house for the least amount of money. You can contact Fairway Mortgage @Jarreda@fairwaymc.com to learn about your qualifications. Please contact M. Celata Real Estate @ 781-289-7500 for more information on Buyer Representation. Or email Maureen @ reveremoe@comcast.net to get you started.

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