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Why Purchase A Home In Revere

Oct 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

Being from Revere I have to say I am somewhat biased when it comes to my home town but I have my reasons.

First, as a mom, I feel my children had the ability to apply to 72 colleges and universities within a 10 mile radius. Some of the world’s finest! One of the more important reasons to purchase your family home in Revere is the close proximity to some of the greatest medical facilities too.

Revere has the distinction of being the first public beach in the United States with a naturally crescent shape shore line. There are many condominiums with ocean front views to choose from to make your home, whether it for summer occupancy or year round.

The transportation system in Revere is the Blue Line of the MBTA with a bus system thru out the entire city connecting Revere to many adjacent cities and towns of the North Shore.  Living in Revere affords you to be in Boston in a matter of minutes because of the transportation system.  The access thru the highway system will allow you to go North, West or South via 2 major roadways and a secondary highway in a matter of minutes.  Logan International Airport is only 3 miles south of Revere.

The average home purchase price for the last 12 months is approximately 425k, which is still affordable and is attractive to young families. Rather than paying higher prices to be in Boston which are unattainable for the average family income.

Revere’s population has a great diversity of many vibrant ethnicities, religions, languages and cultures.

So if you are thinking about buying a family home, Revere is still an economical choice.  Please contact M. Celata Real Estate at 781-289-7500 or thru our website www.mcelatarealestate.com

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